What Causes Dark Spots On Tongue?

By Heritage Dental - Katy

The spots, patches, and discoloration occasionally that appear on tongues may not be harmful, but they can also indicate more severe conditions. From tiny dots to noticeable dark patches, black spots on the tongue can look very alarming. If you notice any such signs, do not hesitate to inform a dentist or doctor about them for the correct diagnosis. The section below will help you determine the probable causes of black tongue spots. 

It Can Be The Natural Appearance Of Your Tongue

Even if you might have never noticed black dots before, they might be a normal feature of your tongue. The human tongue is basically a muscle covered in taste buds. As you chew, your tongue moves the food around the mouth, and flavor signals are sent to the brain by the taste buds. These taste buds are visible to the human eye and might stick out and appear as dark dots when red wine or coffee stains them.

Pigmentation is what actually gives color to the hair, skin, and eyes. Excessive pigmentation can result in dangerously high pigment concentrations in the tongue, causing harmless dark patches or spots. A case study released in the Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives stated that black spots on the tongue might indicate a hyperpigmentation disorder. Black patches caused by hyperpigmentation and chemotherapy typically go away a few weeks after the treatment ends.

Tongue Injury

Black spots could develop as a result of tongue injuries and oral piercings. Dental experts say one can suffer serious discomfort after a tongue injury. A black spot on your tongue could be a persistent indicator of injury if you recently got an oral piercing, bit, cut, or otherwise wounded it.

Tongue Getting Exposed To Chemicals

Several chemicals react with acids on the tongue’s surface, turning it black. According to the Mayo Clinic, the color shift could be brought on by exposure to the chemical bismuth, which is a component of certain medications. Even though the entire tongue often goes black, the alteration may first appear in spots. Once you stop taking bismuth, your tongue should turn pink again.

Tongue Cancer

Dark spots on the tongue might occasionally indicate a severe problem like cancer. The dark areas could potentially resemble wounds that don’t heal. The presence of lumps, inflammation and swallowing issues are other indicators of tongue cancer. Visit a doctor right away if you experience any of these signs. Although tongue cancer is a serious disease, early treatment has the best chance of success. Grey spots may be a sign of the medical disorder – leukoplakia, which is occasionally precancerous.

Improving oral hygiene is the first step in attempting to remove black spots from the tongue. Also, brush your tongue while brushing your teeth. Additional treatment might not be necessary if the spots go away after brushing. Visit your dentist for a checkup if the spots persist. He or she can identify the underlying issue and recommend the treatment plan that suits your needs.
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