Root Canals

By Heritage Dental - Katy

Everyone everywhere only gets one set of permanent teeth, so taking the measures to ensure that they last for a lifetime is incredibly important. While the teeth are made up of the hardest substance within the human body, known as enamel, they are not invincible to damage or decay. Trauma, injury, decay, and infection are common problems that many people face with their dental health, and having these problems treated is essential. Any type of damage, decay, or infection that affects the health of the tooth usually requires that a root canal procedure be done to save the tooth.

Root canals often bring forth many feelings and misconceptions. Many people mistakenly believe that root canals are painful, when in fact they are the procedure done to actually alleviate pain. Infected teeth are painful – root canals are not! It is important for people to understand that it is not the procedure that is painful so that they do not put off having necessary dental work. If left untreated, an infected or damaged tooth will die a painful death, and it will result in the need for extensive dental work.
Root canals are performed under local anesthesia in order to prevent patients from feeling pain or discomfort. At Heritage Dental, we offer sedation dentistry options to keep our patients comfortable throughout their visits if local anesthesia is not “enough” for them to receive the treatment that they require. Once a patient is comfortable, the tooth is opened so that the infection and decay can be removed. Then, the tooth is treated with antibiotics, filled, and then sealed to protect against further damage.
At Heritage Dental, we are committed to your oral health and helping you achieve optimal oral health in the most comfortable manner. Please understand that having a damaged or infected tooth treated is essential to the health of your entire mouth. Our practice is dedicated to providing the most compassionate care throughout all of your dental treatments. Please contact us today.

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