Wisdom Teeth Removal

By Heritage Dental - Katy

Typically, the average person develops 32 teeth, yet our mouths most comfortably hold only 28 teeth. The four “extra” teeth are the third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth. Sometimes wisdom teeth come in normally and cause no problems. Unfortunately, that is not the norm. Most wisdom teeth develop in the mid-teens when other permanent teeth are already in their best position (frequently involving orthodontic treatment). Crowding can occur, or those final molars can become trapped or impacted below the gum line. The pressure causes the neighboring teeth to become crooked and we often see bacteria, decay, and infection in and around wisdom teeth.
Preventatively, we usually recommend early removal of wisdom teeth to protect overall dental health and hygiene. Extracting wisdom teeth is an everyday procedure that is considered low risk, though we know many people are uneasy about having it done. We will talk with you about the surgery and agree on the best anesthesia modality (local, general, and/or nitrous oxide) to ensure that you are completely comfortable and relaxed.
Recovery after the extraction is only a few days. You will probably need a few stitches. Our staff will equip you with the information and a few supplies that you will need to take good care of the gums and tissues surrounding the surgery area. Our recommendations include using an ice pack to minimize swelling, eating soft foods only, and rinsing your mouth with salt water. By following our detailed post-operative guidelines, discomfort will be minimal and you should be back to your normal activities by the second or third day.
We offer a wide range of dental healthcare services. We stress the importance of preventative care, and offer gentle and comprehensive wisdom tooth removal when you have the need. For a full evaluation of your oral health, please call us today.

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