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Oral Surgery & Advanced Dental Care in Katy

If you’ve put your teeth through the wringer and they’re in need of some TLC to get them back to health, let us help! We offer a number of restorative treatments to get your smile back in shape and stronger than ever before.

Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

Tooth pain can sometimes be caused by an infection in the root of the tooth. If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, Dr. Nguyen will take digital X-rays of your teeth and gums to determine the problem. If an infection is suspected, he may recommend root canal therapy. This type of oral surgery involves cleaning out the infected tooth pulp and sealing the inside of the tooth to protect against future damage or infection. Once the infection has been cleared from the tooth, we’ll place a crown on top of the tooth to give it added strength.

The term “root canal” strikes fear into the hearts of many people, but rest assured that the procedure is not as painful as you imagine. In fact, most patients report that the tooth pain they were experiencing was much worse than any discomfort they felt during the root canal procedure. We also provide you with sedation to help you stay relaxed throughout treatment.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Teeth that are cracked or damaged, or those that have been replaced entirely with a dental implant, benefit from the placement of dental crowns. A crown is a tooth-colored cap that is placed over a damaged tooth or a dental implant. It provides strength to damaged teeth and gives an implant the full function of a natural tooth. Crowns also look and feel just like your natural teeth.

If you’re missing a couple of teeth in a row, Dr. Nguyen may suggest a tooth bridge. A bridge is used to essentially “bridge” a gap caused by missing teeth. The bridge is attached to crowns placed on either side of the gap, and false teeth sit in place of missing teeth, giving you a complete smile that functions great.

Sometimes teeth crack below the gum line. If this happens, we may need to perform crown lengthening, which is a surgical procedure where we reshape your gums and expose the damage. This allows us to place a new restoration and cover the damage.


Missing many of all of your natural teeth doesn’t mean you’ll never smile again! We can get you back to talking, smiling, and eating with ease and confidence again with dentures. We’ll take a few appointments to design and fit your new dentures so that they feel comfortable. Advancements in the materials used in dentures have made them more secure than ever before, so you won’t have any discomfort from slipping or rubbing. Once your new dentures are fitted, you’ll be back to eating your favorite foods again in no time, and that’s really something to smile about!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

At Heritage Dental, if you’re in need of a filling due to decay, we place only composite (tooth-colored) fillings. Composite fillings are often smaller than traditional amalgam (silver) fillings, so more of your healthy tooth structure is left intact. Less prep work is required, too, meaning you spend less time in the dental chair.

Start-to-Finish Dental Implants

Missing teeth? We offer complete implant services right here in our office. Dental implants are small, biocompatible posts that we place into your jawbone. They mimic a tooth’s root and create a base for your false teeth (crown, bridge, or denture) to attach to. Implants are a permanent method for tooth replacement and you won’t have to worry about your tooth restoration slipping or falling out throughout the day!

LANAP® Laser Dentistry

Traditionally, gum disease treatment was an invasive, often painful procedure. Now, we utilize modern LANAP soft tissue lasers to quickly and comfortably treat advanced stages of gum disease. The soft tissue lasers can remove bad gum tissue, recontour the gums, and help patients have a speedy, stress-free recovery. Another benefit of LANAP is that laser technology actually helps gums regenerate to grow back healthy and strong!

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