Receding Gums

By Heritage Dental - Katy

People overlook many things regarding their health assuming that they will “just go away.” While the body is designed with amazing healing properties, intervention is often necessary to ensure that certain issues do not wreak havoc on your life. Receding gums is an issue that many people tend to overlook until severe consequences have occurred. The gum tissues within the mouth serve two vital roles: 1) helping the jaw bone hold the teeth securely in place, and 2) protecting the roots and nerve fibers of the teeth. When the gum tissue recedes, the health of the teeth is vulnerable to deterioration.
Gum recession is the occurrence of the gums pulling away from the teeth and exposing the sensitive roots. Each tooth is an individual living feature with its own lifeline. If the roots of the tooth become damaged, then the health of the tooth is compromised. Aside from your teeth gradually appearing longer than they used to, tooth sensitivity is the most common side effect of receding gums. If you experience a jolt of pain or a twinge of discomfort when eating hot foods, drinking cold beverages, or when you bite down and apply pressure to the teeth, your teeth are sensitive and need to be evaluated. Just as the human body has healing properties, it is also designed to give warning signs when things are awry. Tooth sensitivity should never be ignored as it is the mouth’s way of letting you know that you need to see your dentist. Gum recession that is left untreated can lead to tooth loss and extreme pain.
The leading causes of receding gums are:

  • Aggressive brushing. Brushing the teeth with too much force damages the gums and causes them to pull away from the teeth.
  • Not flossing daily. Dental floss is the only tool designed to scrape bacteria-laden plaque away from the gum line. If you are not flossing daily, you are allowing bacteria to grow by the millions.
  • Gum disease. Once bacteria take up permanent residence inside your mouth, they will begin to produce acids and eat their way through whatever is in their path – this being your gum tissue and tooth enamel. Gum disease that is left untreated will destroy your gum tissue and kill the teeth.
  • Genetics. Gum recession and/or gum disease that runs in the family will increase the likelihood that you will suffer from the same conditions.

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