Got a Pain In the Tooth?

By Heritage Dental - Katy

At Heritage Dental, we want to know if you have a pain in the tooth. Our dental team understands that you or one of your family members may choose to avoid the dentist out of fear, or time constraints, or budget limitations. However, we also understand that avoiding the dentist will not relieve your pain – it will only make matters worse. The mouth is a very complex feature of the entire body. Unlike many areas, an issue with a tooth is not likely to go away on its own. If the proper intervention is not given within a proper time frame, you run the risk of excruciating pain and the loss of your tooth.
The most important thing to understand about a toothache is that the pain you experience is most likely the symptom of a greater issue. By bringing a toothache to your dentist’s attention, you are alerting him/her to a serious concern. Your dentist has the expertise to find out what is causing your pain so that it can be properly taken care of.
There are three common causes of a painful tooth:

  1. Often times, a painful tooth can be caused by something relatively simple. If a piece of food becomes trapped between the tooth and the gum line, it can cause pain. An even greater concern occurs if the food is not removed. Food that stays trapped will eventually begin to rot. Rotting food can lead to foul breath and a serious infection that will compromise the health of your tooth.
  2. A cracked tooth is a painful experience. Most people know when they have a cracked tooth, many knowing the moment that it occurs. In general, a cracked tooth causes pain any time pressure is put on the tooth. When chewing or biting down, the pressure causes the crack to open and expose the sensitive roots. When the pressure is taken off the tooth, the pain generally goes away. If you have symptoms of a cracked tooth, it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later before an infection occurs.
  3. An infected tooth is an excruciating experience. The pain is debilitating, and it cannot be ignored. An infected tooth is also a serious concern because of how easily the infection can spread to neighboring teeth. In order to save your smile, any infection must be treated immediately. Of course, most infected teeth can be avoided by paying attention to the first two causes of a painful tooth.

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