Fluoride Guards Against Cavities and Decay

By Heritage Dental - Katy

As children are growing, parents pay close attention to their developing teeth as they erupt and form. They want to monitor the teeth closely to set them up for a lifetime of good oral health. You teach them how to brush and floss, limit sugar, and eat a balanced diet.  Conversely, as they enter adulthood, teeth are no longer growing, and people sometimes become lax and less attentive about our own oral hygiene.
One of the key ways to keep teeth in their best shape is with fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral found in nature, many foods, and in city water. Each day you are taking in some fluoride, but you are also losing it as our teeth experience demineralization, or erosion, from oral bacteria.
People who have diligent hygiene and a healthy diet are able to maintain or replace the loss of fluoride, but for people who regularly lose fluoride, tooth decay can quickly sneak in and threaten our oral health. Irregular dental cleanings, tobacco use, orthodontia, dry mouth, gingivitis, acid reflux and drinking from well water place adults at higher risk for damage from decay and cavities.
Since the 1940s, fluoride has been credited with guarding against cavities by adding an element of protection to the outermost layer of teeth, commonly called the enamel.  Heritage Dental offers quick, easy fluoride treatments right in our office. We provide concentrated applications of fluoride that help teeth defend against bacteria that leads to cavities.
At Heritage Dental, we encourage you to be proactive with your dental care by brushing and flossing regularly, having your teeth cleaned twice per year, and coming in for a comprehensive oral evaluation. At that time, we can assess whether your teeth and gums will benefit from a fluoride treatment. We are proud to offer this extra support to safeguard your healthy smile for years to come.  Call us at today to schedule your appointment.

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