Screening For Oral Cancer In Katy!

By Heritage Dental - Katy

A simple self-examination of your mouth and throat may save your life during oral cancer awareness month. Approximately 40.000 new instances of oral cancer are reported in the United States each year or about 3% of all malignancies diagnosed in the country. Cervical cancer and Hodgkin’s disease are also among the most deadly kinds of cancer, with a fatality rate greater than skin cancer. Visit  Heritage Dental in Katy, TX for the best oral cancer screening tests in nearby areas.

There is a 50% five-year survival rate for those diagnosed with mouth cancer today. Survival chances may arise if oral cancer is caught early enough to be successfully treated and prevented from progressing.”

Checking for oral cancer is simple when you follow these  simple procedures

Your mouth is an early warning system in your body. Taking a few moments to focus on your breathing and saying “ahh” in front of a mirror should be part of your monthly routine. In this manner:

  • Removing any dentures
  • Examine and feel the inside of the lips and the gum line.
  • The roof of your mouth may be inspected and felt by tilting your head back.
  • To examine the interior of the cheek and its backside, you should pull it out.
  • Examine the whole surface of your tongue by removing it.
  • Both sides of the neck, particularly the area under the jaw, should be examined for lumps or enlargements of the lymph nodes (glands).

As a result, you’ll be on the lookout for the following:

  • Patches of white or off-white color
  • Unhealing or readily blendable sores
  • Tissue thickening or enlargement is not typical.
  • Hoarseness or a persistent sore throat
  • Swallowing or chewing problems
  • On the neck is a large tumor or lump

Do I need to worry about the lymph nodes in my neck?

Your neck has hundreds of lymph nodes, which aid in the body’s ability to fight off infections. They are effective in capturing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. The swelling of your lymph nodes is typical when you have a cold, sore throat, or infection because they filter out harmful bacteria.

As a reminder, it is very unusual for an inflamed lymph node to result from cancer. But don’t forget to check in with yourself! In this manner:

  • Make a circular motion with your fingers, starting at the corner of your mouth and working your way to the area beneath your chin.
  • On each side of your neck, do this.
  • Run your fingers down the side of your neck to your collarbone.

Look for the following:

The swelling node is the size and shape of a little almond that is not painful.

Why go for Oral Cancer Screening in Katy?

Any node on one side of your neck that doesn’t move isn’t tender/sore and has been there for more than two weeks may be a sign of something more serious. Therefore it is essential to visit our local dentists in Katy, TX for your oral cancer screening.

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