What Are the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening?

By Heritage Dental - Katy

If you could have the smile of your dreams, what would it look like? A bright, white smile can boost your confidence and make you look years younger. Many of our patients at Heritage Dental tell us they’re embarrassed about stains or a yellowish tint to their teeth, which is why we’re proud to offer professional teeth whitening services at our Katy dental office.

You Don’t Need to Wait Long for a Whiter Smile

Don’t waste another day hiding your smile because you don’t like the appearance of your teeth. Dr. Nguyen uses the ZOOM!® Whitening Deep Bleaching system to dramatically whiten your teeth in as little as two weeks. Other systems may require months of use before you see any results.

Get the Perfect Fit

Unlike whitening products you can buy at the drugstore, the ZOOM! method uses trays that are custom-created to fit your teeth. This limits the chance of your saliva diluting the bleaching gel and makes the treatment more effective.

Avoid Tooth Sensitivity

Because our ZOOM! bleaching treatment is professionally administered, much of the tooth sensitivity associated with store-bought whitening treatments is avoided. In fact, our patients who use ZOOM! whitening say they experience little to no sensitivity during treatment. It is the gentlest whitening system available!

Achieve Beautiful Teeth Inside & Out at Heritage Dental!

While a whitening treatment you buy at the drugstore or grocery store may temporarily whiten the outer layer of your teeth, the benefit of the ZOOM! Whitening Deep Bleaching system is that it safely, quickly, and effectively whitens your teeth, inside and out. Oxygen in the whitening gel absorbs deep into your tooth to dissolve and remove stain molecules. This results in a deeper, more lasting treatment that will leave you feeling confident to show off your new smile in all its glory! To ask our team any questions about improving the look of your smile or to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation, contact our office today.