Gum Disease and Children

By Heritage Dental - Katy

Gum disease is an infectious inflammation that can have serious effects on overall well-being. Severe gum disease is not pervasive in children, but it can and does happen.
The first stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis. The symptoms of gingivitis include bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, pus pockets near the gums, swollen, red, irritated gums, and gum tissue recession.
Research shows that the main culprit in gingivitis is negligent oral hygiene. Children should be taught how to brush the fronts and backs of teeth and for how long. Heritage Dental recommends that all of our patients brush for at least two minutes. Kids must also understand the importance of flossing and be educated about how to do it properly. Our hygienists are passionate about thorough oral care and love to educate our patients about ways they can keep their mouth clean and healthy. We are always happy to help our patients learn how to brush and floss for maximum benefits.
Gingivitis surfaces most often during puberty when hormonal changes cause a surge in blood circulation. The increased blood flow can cause gums to swell and become inflamed and make them targets for gingivitis. We normally advise our patients to brush twice daily, but for young teens entering puberty, we encourage further brushing and increased diligence by adding a third daily brushing and flossing after breakfast and before bed.
We invite you to call us or schedule an appointment if you are concerned that your child may be developing gum disease. The good news is that gingivitis can be reversed with a thorough cleaning and a proper treatment plan. At Heritage Dental, our staff is trained to prevent and correct an array of dental conditions. We look forward serving you and safeguarding your smile for years to come.

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