By Heritage Dental - Katy

It’s very important to get your dental examination done twice a year. If you are wondering what makes dental cleanings and examinations so vital, well we are here to tell you the truth.

The reason is very simple – prevention is always better than cure. Dental check-ups should not be done only when you are suffering from a dental complication that requires to be treated. When you see a dentist regularly, that will ensure that you need not have to worry about facing such issues in the first place. If you feel like skipping a regular dental check-up, you should think again about how you may have to pay for it in the future years – regarding your health, money, time, and also peace of mind.

To make it more clear to you, we have listed below a few reasons why regular dental exams are vital for your dental health:

1.   Cavities, Plaque and Cleaning

No matter what, when you floss and brush daily, plaque can still gradually build up in those sections that you miss. When plaque gathers, it can be quite hard to clean it. If it solidifies and turns into tartar, then you will definitely require professional help in order to remove it. When you take regular dental exams, you can prevent cavities and tartar buildup as a result of it. 

Once you are attacked by cavities, you must see the dentist without any delay. The dentist will fill and fix it. Regular exams can avoid plaque and tartar before it destroys your teeth. Moreover, a dental cleaning session is way more affordable than a dental filling.

2.  Gum Disease Prevention

The build-up of plaque and tartar not only leads to tooth decay but also spoils your gum tissues. The build-up can result in an infection at the point where your tooth is connected to the gum. This, in turn, causes pulling away of the gum from the tooth, also termed gingivitis. When gingivitis increases, the gum disease turns to be more visible in the form of bleeding, swelling, or soreness. In serious cases, gum diseases can also cause the breakdown of the bone that is holding the tooth. If kept untreated, you may face the risk of losing all your teeth.

Regular dental examinations are very helpful in identifying the early signs of gingivitis and treating it on time.

3. Dental X-rays for Under the Surface Issues

Dental X-rays are a crucial part of dental exams. These allow the dentist to examine what is going on below the surface of your mouth that may not be visible to the naked eye. Damage to jawbones, impacted teeth, cysts, bone decay, and tumors are not possible to spot without the help of x-rays. However, to avoid such situations, it is necessary to spot them at the earliest. For very severe conditions that only give very few symptoms but affect you really quickly, regular dental exams are the best choice to stay on top of your oral health.

4.  Dental Advice and Help

When you go for regular check-ups, your dentist will get a clear understanding of your overall dental health. It will help you in creating a good bond with your dentist as well. And accordingly, they will give you proper guidance in your oral care regime and suggest if any changes are required. They can offer an individualized treatment plan, ensuring that you always stay in good health.

Final Thoughts

A dental health regime impacts your overall health too. Keeping your mouth healthy and clean is crucial to have a healthy body. Dentists ensure that your teeth and gums always stay strong and healthy, and no abnormalities are left unattended. Maximum dentists even provide an oral cancer diagnosis during regular dental checkups. Preventive dental care always ascertains that you have the best oral health at all times and nothing hinders your amazing smile.

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