Dental Bridges: Cost, Definition & Advantages!

By Heritage Dental - Katy

Do you have a tooth gap due to tooth loss? This may cause you to feel uneasy. Don’t be alarmed! A dental bridge can fill up the gap in your smile. This blog contains all of the information on dental bridges offered by our dentists at Heritage Dental Of Katy.

Dental Bridge: Definition

A dental bridge is a replacement tooth (also known as a pontic) between one or more abutment teeth. Your Katy dentist can produce a bridge from various dental materials, including porcelain, silver, porcelain-fused metals, or gold. Still, porcelain is the most popular option since it closely resembles and blends in with your natural teeth.

Advantages Of Using Dental Bridge

A dental bridge has several advantages that make it very popular. Some of the benefits are as follows: your dentist in Katy has written down this section.

  • A dental bridge is a great tooth replacement solution since it has functional and cosmetic advantages. It helps restore and boost one’s confidence and grin by filling in any unsightly gaps. In terms of function, the bridge aids in food chewing and biting, and because all holes are filled, people can eat and chew regularly. A dental bridge is also nearly undetectable because it is close to the mouth’s structure.
  • A dental bridge aids in the long-term preservation of the structure of your mouth. A missing tooth might cause the teeth around it to shift or migrate apart, causing a biting issue. On the other hand, a dental bridge helps to anchor the teeth around it, reducing the danger of movement and, as a result, biting problems.
  • A dental bridge can help you preserve your facial structure by lowering the risk of jawbone loss. The jawbone deteriorates progressively due to tooth loss, but a dental bridge can assist in avoiding this.
  • Because the dental bridge looks and feels like an original tooth, patients only need to adjust to it for a short period.
  • The dental bridge, unlike a denture, does not need to be cleaned and removed regularly because it can be cleaned just like your natural teeth with good oral care.

Cost Of Dental Bridge

Many factors influence the price of a dental bridge. It usually costs between $2000 and $15,000. You should consult your Katy dentist for a specific estimate.

Which Factors Determine The Cost Of Dental Bridge?

Many factors determine the cost of a dental bridge. Your dentist in Katy has compiled the following list for a better understanding.

  • The total number of missing teeth or the number of replacement teeth required.
  • The geographical location of the dental office
  • The procedure’s level of difficulty
  • X-rays and dental exams to determine the type of material used to create the bridge
  • Various other procedures
  • The sort of dental bridge being utilized.

We hope this information helps you to make better choices regarding your dental health. Please book an appointment with us at Heritage Dental Of Katy for the best dental bridges in Katy, TX.