Why Taking Your Toddler to the Dentist Is Important

By Heritage Dental - Katy

Within six months of when your child’s first tooth erupts (which can happen as early as six months of age), it’s time to take them to the dentist! It may seem crazy to take your baby or toddler to the dentist because their teeth are only temporary, right? Well actually, it’s not crazy to teach your children good oral hygiene habits when they are young; it’s smart-parenting! Here, we’ll explain why childhood dental care is critical to your child’s overall oral health.

What Is the Role of Baby Teeth?

Although baby teeth aren’t permanent, they play an essential role in a child’s oral health and development. Your child will learn to eat, talk, and smile with these first teeth, so making sure that they grow in healthy and remain clean is of utmost importance. Visiting Dr. Nguyen soon after your child’s first tooth arrives gives him the ability to carefully track your child’s oral development from the get-go, and identify any potential dental issues they may face in adulthood.

How Do I Care for My Baby’s Teeth?

Caring for baby teeth is similar to caring for adult teeth. Teach your toddler superb oral hygiene habits early by letting them watch you brush your teeth, providing them with age-appropriate toothbrushes and toothpastes (make it fun and let them choose their own toothbrush color and toothpaste flavor!), and helping them learn to moderate their consumption of candy, sugary snacks, and fruit juice. As your child gets older, encourage them to wiggle their loose baby teeth gently instead of allowing them to vigorously force them out. This will prevent them from damaging their gums and negatively impacting how their adult teeth grow in.

How Often Should I Bring My Child to the Dentist?

Bring your child to see us every six months to ensure that their teeth and gums are healthy and developing properly. Dental visits are an additional opportunity to educate your children on the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene. Moreover, our friendly team can give you and your children tips, tricks, and techniques to jazz up your family’s oral hygiene!

Come Check Out Our Kid-Friendly Amenities!

If you’re looking for a family dentist here in Katy, look no further than Heritage Dental. We have a gentle team that strives to make our younger patients feel right at home. We even offer complimentary drinks and snacks in our lobby, TVs with Netflix® in our treatment rooms, and comfy pillows and blankets. Additionally, we are insurance-friendly, accept Medicaid and CHIP, provide an in-house Dental Savers Plan, and offer Saturday appointments! Contact us to schedule appointments for your entire family today.