Restorative Dentistry

Types of Dental Implants

Heritage Dental in Katy, TX, offers high-quality restorative dental solutions that help rejuvenate our patients’ smiles, confidence, and quality of life. In this blog post, we provide an overview of dental implants to help you decide if this tooth replacement option is the right choice for you. What Is a Dental Implant? Dental implants are

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Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Modern dental patients are blessed with more options than ever when it comes to replacing missing teeth. For some people though, this blessing can feel like a curse because it leaves them unsure about which is really right for them. If you’re dealing with indecision about what restorative dental treatment is the best option to

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Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Root canals have a bad reputation, but they are actually a virtually painless procedure that is quite common. In fact, the American Association of Endodontists estimates that 15.1 million root canals are performed annually. Read this blog post to learn about the purpose of root canal therapy. We also discuss signs that may indicate you

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Common Dental Crown Problems

After getting a crown, the goal is that your tooth is completely repaired and all will be well, right? But the dental crown process is just the beginning of restoring your tooth! It’s important to keep your crown clean and to monitor it for any abnormal changes or discomfort. In this article, we’ll give an

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Typically, the average person develops 32 teeth, yet our mouths most comfortably hold only 28 teeth. The four “extra” teeth are the third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth. Sometimes wisdom teeth come in normally and cause no problems. Unfortunately, that is not the norm. Most wisdom teeth develop in the mid-teens when other permanent teeth