Avoid Gum Disease With Professional Dental Cleaning

By Heritage Dental - Katy

You should get bi-annual dental cleanings done by a licensed hygienist in addition to brushing twice a day and flossing every day. Cleaning your teeth with specialist equipment and techniques is the hygienist’s responsibility. Many people believe that dental cleaning is similar to what they would do at home, but it is very different and can help avoid gum disease and tooth decay. 

The hygienist is specifically trained to remove calculus (hardened plaque), tartar, and even stains with care and precision. You can prevent and treat gum disease by taking a proactive approach to your dental care and knowing the need for frequent cleanings. As you can infer from the title, in this blog, we will discuss how professional dental cleaning can help avoid gum disease in detail.

Calculus And Tartar That Cause Various Diseases Can Only Be Removed By Professional Dental Cleaning Sessions

Even if you brush your teeth with a high-quality electric toothbrush at home, the chances of plaque still being there are pretty high. This plaque solidifies in some places of the teeth over time, resulting in the formation of thick white patches that are unsightly and can also be damaging to your gums’ health. Brushing and flossing alone will not be enough to remove this hardened plaque, known as calculus. It can only be removed with professional dental tools. If left untreated, the bacteria-filled calculus affects the gum tissue, leading to gingivitis and advanced gum disease.

Scalers will be used by your hygienist to scrape away the calculus and tartar from your teeth. This exposes underlying gum tissue, allowing you to reach places that were previously buried beneath a layer of hardened plaque when brushing and flossing at home. Take a glance in the mirror if it’s been a while since your last dental cleaning, and you might notice these white patches on different locations of your teeth. Fortunately, expert cleaning can rapidly eliminate any accumulation on your teeth, no matter how nasty it is. Another advantage of eliminating calculus is that it helps eliminate chronic bad breath.

Get A Healthy Mouth With Bi-Annual Dental Appointments

A professional cleaning and a thorough inspection are included in your six-month dental cleaning. The hygienist works to remove stubborn plaque, tartar, and discoloration from the teeth during the teeth cleaning session. To remove any dirt or plaque from between the teeth, they are polished and flossed.

The hygienist will examine your gums in addition to cleaning each tooth thoroughly. Small gum pockets form around the teeth if gingivitis and gum disease is allowed to worsen. As the condition progresses, the gum pockets grow larger, allowing plaque, germs, and debris to become trapped between the gum tissue and the tooth. This spreads the infection to the gums, resulting in tooth and bone loss.

Gum pocket measurement is simple, painless, and safe, and it takes no time in the office. If the pockets are deeper than 3mm, gingivitis or gum disease may be present. Early identification of gingivitis, on the other hand, can assist in correcting the inflammation before it progresses to gum disease. Measuring the gum pockets can assist individuals with undetected gum disease to create a specific treatment plan to save their teeth and enhance the health of their gums.

Gum Problem Can Be Diagnosed At An Early Stage

You can keep up with the health of your teeth and gums by making it a habit to go in for your twice-yearly dental checkups. When your hygienist examines your gums for indicators of gum disease, they’ll be able to spot it early on. Gingivitis is totally reversible, and gum disease is much easier to treat in its early stages.

If your gums feel sensitive, inflamed, or bleed when you brush or floss, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Regular dental checkups and professional dental cleanings are the first steps toward taking an active role in your dental health.

Final Words

Going for professional teeth cleaning sessions at a dental office can be the most economical option in the long run. The reason behind it is pretty simple. Detecting gum disease at an early stage can help you avoid the need for advanced gum treatment. Book an appointment at Heritage Dental if you are looking for dental cleanings, exams, and checkups in Katy, TX.