5 Tips To Buy A Toothbrush!

By Heritage Dental - Katy

You should brush your teeth regularly to keep them healthy. It helps to remove food particles that get stuck between your teeth or the gum line. Skipping your brushing routine can result in a number of dental problems that could negatively affect your general health. But did you know that choosing the correct toothbrush is just as important as performing the procedure? A wide variety of toothbrushes are available in today’s time. This makes it more difficult for you to choose the best option that meets your needs. Here at Heritage Dental, we always recommend people maintain a proper oral hygiene routine. Getting a perfect toothbrush is the first step to following such a practice. Keeping this in mind, the best dentist in Katy has come up with the most effective tips to stick to while getting a toothbrush. 

The Head Size Of The Toothbrush

Some individuals think that a larger toothbrush head will clean more teeth in one stroke. This isn’t the case at all. In fact, it is a complete misconception. As brush heads exist in different sizes, it’s crucial to pick one that can effectively clean your mouth’s difficult-to-reach places. Use a toothbrush with a smaller head to focus on areas that toothbrushes with larger heads can miss, including the space between your teeth. You’ll experience fewer dental emergencies if you use a little brush head and floss when you should.

Check The Bristles

Brush bristles were divided into three groups – soft, medium, and hard in the past. A few new varieties have been added to the mix nowadays. Some toothbrushes also make claims about their ability to eliminate tartar. This increases your confusion at the supermarket since there is a common misconception that the stiffer and tougher toothbrush will help remove the stubborn stains from coffee, tea, and other beverages. You should know that using a toothbrush with rough bristles can seriously harm the enamel, the tooth’s outermost layer, leading to decay or dental cavities.

Straight Vs. Rounded Bristles

As you may have noticed, some toothbrushes have different bristles that are made for specific purposes. Removal of tartar, teeth whitening and wellness of your gums are some of such uses. Always remember that your dental health is significantly impacted by the design of our toothbrushes.

Although you may not distinguish between rounded and straight bristles when brushing, the tapered version is gentler to our gums. 

Choose Between A Manual Or Electric Toothbrush

Is purchasing an electric toothbrush beneficial? This is a very common query. The simple answer is “Yes” if you can afford it. The most crucial thing to remember is how to correctly wash your teeth. When we are young, we learn how to brush our teeth, and as we age, we adapt our brushing to fit our daily routine. An electric toothbrush can be helpful for people who lead a hectic lifestyle. These modern equipment are made to simplify getting ready in the morning. Electric toothbrushes can also reach difficult-to-reach areas that cannot be accomplished with the help of manual toothbrushes.


An ergonomically designed toothbrush is essential for people with growing motor skills, such as children and people who have trouble holding things in their hands. Additionally, brushes with particular engineering may bend and flex, making cleaning difficult-to-reach regions easier. Purchasing an easy-to-hold toothbrush is another smart move. Choose one with a handle that is long enough for you to grip it comfortably in your hand. It is advised to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes each day, but if you use a subpar toothbrush, this time span will feel much longer.

We hope you now know how to buy a perfect toothbrush. Book an appointment with Heritage Dental if you are looking for the best preventive dental services in Katy, TX. We are always here to help you achieve a perfect smile.