Teeth Whitening After Care Tips

7 Teeth Whitening After Care Tips To Follow

Teeth whitening has several advantages, but many individuals don’t consider what happens after the procedure is completed. This post will go through some helpful aftercare suggestions that will help you witness the best outcome. The ability to care for teeth after they have been whitened can have long-term benefits. Continue reading to learn more!

Try To Avoid Dyed Beverages

You should avoid excessively colorful beverages in general since they create serious stains. The teeth are sturdy; however, they are also prone to discoloration. Red wines, coffees, and teas are the worst for teeth stains, so avoid them at all costs. Only light-colored foods, such as unseasoned chicken or fish, and plain carbs like pasta or rice, should be consumed immediately after the whitening treatment. These will help in the preservation of the surface’s fresh white tint.

You Can Use Sensitivity Products

After a whitening procedure, almost everyone experiences some sensitivity to cold or hot conditions. Investing in a sensitive toothpaste or a gel that may be applied is an effective aftercare suggestion. After a whitening treatment, these products will relieve any discomfort.

It Is A Good Idea To Not Eat Chew Food Items

Extremely chewy foods can often cause harm to a recently whitened tooth. If you try to chew anything that isn’t chewable, the food can get stuck to the surface, staining or damaging the whitened surface. It can be a good idea to avoid chewy meals for a few days.

Be Gentle While Brushing

Since the teeth may be sensitive, brushing them gently after a whitening procedure is recommended. While brushing is an important component of aftercare, it is preferable to do so lightly to avoid pain or whitening stripping. Always use a toothbrush that has soft bristles. 

Never Overdo The Process

There are times when people don’t get satisfied with the outcome of the teeth whitening treatment. They may want to do another treatment right away, but it’s better not to overdo these whitening procedures because too many can destroy the enamel. Taking a break between treatments can help preserve the teeth in the best possible condition.

Do Not Do It At Home

Different kinds of teeth whitening products are now available in the market today. But, using these products, i.e., whitening strips, toothpaste, etc., does not just offer a relatively less effective outcome but can also damage your gums. Going for a treatment plan under the supervision of a dental professional is a wise choice. But, using teeth whitening products after undergoing the treatment is not recommended. 

Stay In Touch With A Dental Professional

A follow-up appointment with the dentist is a vital element of the aftercare process. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, particularly for your teeth! After a whitening treatment, it’s good to get your teeth examined by a dentist to ensure no damage is done during the procedure.
Many individuals like having their teeth whitened, but it is still crucial to follow these aftercare instructions because they will provide long-term advantages. If you have any additional questions concerning teeth whitening and the required aftercare, please contact our office so that we can assist you. Our experienced staff can help you with aftercare as well. You can also visit us for top-quality teeth whitening treatment in Katy, TX, and nearby.

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