Everything you need to know about Laser Dentistry

By Heritage Dental - Katy

Nobody enjoys going to the dentist. This is especially true if you have a problem that has to be fixed, such as a cavity or a crown. Fortunately, laser dentistry has the potential to make many operations faster, simpler, and less painful than ever before.

Heritage Dental has a highly skilled staff in Katy, TX, providing a comprehensive range of general and aesthetic dental services. Whether you require a routine cleaning or a more comprehensive operation, our patient-centered attitude and cutting-edge technology, such as laser dentistry, will leave you feeling better and your smile gleaming brighter.

What is laser dentistry?

This method, approved by the FDA in 1990, uses lasers with high-powered beams of light energy. Each laser has its wavelength of light, allowing us to execute several treatments such as sculpting and removing soft tissue, cutting through hard tissue such as dental enamel, and enhancing specific chemical processes.

How Lasers Help with Dental Procedures:

Lasers can help with a variety of dental operations, including eliminating caries and filling cavities, as well as sculpting soft tissue in crown or gum lift treatments. They can also assist with whitening treatments, dentin and enamel operations, and other dental procedures. Laser treatment can also be used to remove tumors and do biopsies. 

5 benefits of laser treatment

Laser dental treatments provide a plethora of advantages. Among them are the following:

  • There is less need for anesthesia.

Because of our laser’s cutting-edge capabilities, treatments may usually be performed with minimum (or no) drilling or anesthesia.

  • Bleeding is reduced, and the risk of infection is reduced.

Lasers can cauterize as they cut, resulting in reduced bleeding during the treatment and the healing period. They also disinfect, lowering the likelihood of bacterial illness following therapy.

  • Improved recovery

With laser therapy, healing happens more quickly and tissue regenerates more efficiently. This means you will spend less time healing and will be able to return to your usual routine sooner.

  • There will be no stitches and fewer checkups.

Because of our lasers’ unique capabilities, we can perform treatments that do not require stitches to recover. There are also fewer office visits, giving you more time to do what you want. 

  • Best outcomes

Laser therapy improves precision while causing less tissue disruption. As a result, you will have less pain and suffering.

Whether you’ve put off treatment for a dental problem because you’re afraid of discomfort, complications, or a lengthy recovery period, book your appointment at Heritage Dental for Laser Dentistry Treatments today.