Fun Holiday Dental Related Gifts People Will Love

By Heritage Dental - Katy

Looking for some fun holiday dental related gifts that people will love to find wrapped up or in their stocking? Here are some of our favorite gift ideas:

1. Denture Ice Cube Trays

Denture ice cube trays are for making ice cubes that are shaped like dentures! This hilarious gift is perfect for the jokester on your list. These are also a perfect gag gift for someone who hit a big milestone birthday and may be feeling a little over the hill. You’ve probably seen these in novelty shops, but you can also buy them online or in big box stores.

2. Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are a great way to show someone that you care about their oral health! Make sure to select one with a built-in two minute timer and pressure sensor. You could even personalize the electric toothbrush by getting it in the recipient’s favorite color. Throwing in a few extra replacement brush heads will also ensure the recipient has a stock of fresh brush heads every 3 months for optimal oral health.

3. Novelty Toothpaste

From pickle to cupcake, bacon to ginger mint, there are a number of fun novelty toothpaste flavors. Select a special flavor for each person on your list–whether it’s their favorite food or their least favorite. You can find these wacky toothpastes online or in specialty stores.

4. Travel Essentials & Toothbrush Cover

For the globetrotters, a gift of travel-size dental items can save them valuable space in their suitcase. Moreover, to make traveling with their toothbrush more fun, find a cool toothbrush head cover so they can protect their toothbrush from germs in an enjoyable way. There are abundant options for toothbrush head covers, including bright colors, animals like owls and unicorns, emoji smiley faces, and even cartoon characters.

5. Toothbrush with a Favorite Character

For the little ones on your list, a simple dental-related gift idea is a toothbrush with their favorite character on it. From princesses to cars, Barbies to Spongebob, there are toothbrushes out there with every character under the sun and under the sea. You can find them at your local drugstore or even online. It’s sure to put a smile on your child’s face.

Happy Holidays From Heritage Dental!

We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday. Contact us for additional ways to help your loved ones have superb oral health.

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